Sega Electric Inc. has the experienced and trained professionals to complete all commercial electrical projects. From fast-paced schedules to complex lighting and systems designs, we provide high-quality services and believe in accomplishing projects with maximum efficiency. Below is a sample of our many services: 

Electrical Service Maintenance / Upgrades / Repairs

As a company, safety is of the highest importance. Regular maintenance and upgrades of your electrical installations and equipment will help prevent problems from developing. Whether you have an older electrical installation in need of some modernization, or a newer modern installation, there are times when routine maintenance will be required. Our electrical engineers are on hand to deliver a high quality service carrying out repairs and upgrading to your electrical installation.

Installation of Lighting Services and Power Systems

Whether you are moving to new premises, or updating an old one, we can design and install a lighting and power system that will allow your business to look brilliant.

Lamp Replacement Services

Our lamp changing and lamp replacement service is very popular with many of our commercial customers. We offer a variety of lamp replacement options, from a regular weekly or monthly maintenance visit to an ad-hoc call out service. In this modern world where Health & Safety dictates the safe running of our businesses, more and more companies are finding the need to employ an external company such as ours Sega Electric to carry out their lamp changing/lamp replacement service.

Fire Alarm Detection Systems Install and Repair

Automatic Fire Systems and Emergency Lighting are a legal requirement. We can address all aspects of your emergency lighting needs, supplying, installing and maintaining your system. It is important to test it at regular intervals.

Telecommunications – Telephone and Data Points

The team at Segal Electric is qualified and experienced in telecommunication -telephone data points. We install Data and Voice systems to commercial premises and schools. We often work with IT professionals to assist with their own installations.



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